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Cell group notes - w/c 20th January, 2019 

Cell group notes - w/c 20th January, 2019

Written by: Alan Meyer

Date posted: 20/01/2019

Responding to the Love Languages of God - Phil Glover


Luke 10:25-28


1. In which of the 5 ways below do you most appreciate God's love, and in which of the ways do you respond most easily to him?

    a) Experiencing his touch and presence in your life. Draw near to God and he will draw near to us.

    b) Acts of service - He became a servant for us, and we should respond in obedient service.

    c) God gives us gifts and abilities to use for his glory.

    d) He speaks his words of blessing into our lives as we read and study his word, the Bible.

    e) God always has time for us and we need to give time for Him and his priorities in our lives.

2. Depending on the answers and consensus within your group, choose from some of the following questions to faclitate discussion.

   a) Where is the easiest place for you to meet with God? What do you do to draw close to God? What new ways could you find to draw near to Jesus?

   b) Who can you serve or what new things can we do to serve God?

   c) What can you do to make your gifts most available for him?

   d) How can we get to know God's word in a deeper way and apply it in our lives?

   e) How can we use our time to better reflect what God values? Are we making time for God first, and what does that look like in this present season of our life?

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