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Cell group notes - w/c 9th December 2018 

Cell group notes - w/c 9th December 2018

Written by: Alan Meyer

Date posted: 11/12/2018

Breaking the Silence of Centuries


Luke 1:5-25 & Luke 2:22-38


1. What about Zechariah and Elizabeth's experience most surprises you or challenges you? What can you learn from their response?

2. Read Luke 2:25-35. Simeon was the first prophetic voice to the nation of Judea for 400 years. From verses 25-26 only, what things are we told about Simeon? Which of these characteristics do you need to develop, and what will you do to grow in these areas?

3. Read Luke 2:36-38. What can you learn and apply in your own life from Anna's brief mention in these verses?

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