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Cell group notes - w/c 20th January 2018 

Cell group notes - w/c 20th January 2018

Written by: Alan Meyer

Date posted: 20/01/2018

Change the World:
2 - Do we have the right to change the world?


Show the video teaching from Celia Apogyeia-Collins:


Nehemiah 1:1-4; 2:1-5.

Discussion questions

1. After watching the video, what strikes you most about Nehemiah's example?
2. What do you see as the 5 biggest problems that exist in the world today? Work in two's and three's to compile your list before you share with the wider group?
3. How many of the problems above affect your local situation? What other needs (big or small) are there locally that you would like to see resolved?
4. You can tell by your prayers what really matters to you. What two or three things regularly feature on your prayer list? Is there a need for you to widen your prayer concerns?
5. What are your biggest fears or the greatest obstacles to you taking a lead in meeting a need?

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