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We have a number of videos available for you to view coming soon!


At Elim Community Church, we are excited to partner with you as you begin this incredible journey with your child. Dedication is a chance to publicly accept the wonderful responsibility that God has given you. This video will be in the pack that you can collect when your child is born.


Every child needs to experience something the scriptures call “the blessing.” This guide can help you begin the process by imparting the kind of blessing only a parent can give. This video will be in the pack that you can collect when your child has their second birthday.

Family Time

When your child reaches four years old, it is a great time to establish a pattern of including fun family times in your schedule to foster communication, laughter and faith formation. This video will be in the family time pack that is available for you to collect.

Preparing to Lead Your Child to Christ

God has given you the most important and influential role when it comes to leading your child to Christ.  This pack, which you can collect when your child turns five, is designed to help you feel more comfortable about the process when that time comes.


One of the greatest things you can do is to help your child develop a relationship with God through prayer. Prayer is how we communicate with and connect to our Heavenly Father. Nurture your child’s faith by praying together as a family and by guiding them in the practice of praying individually. This video will be part of the pack on prayer that is available to collect when your child reaches the age of six.


This video will be in the pack that is available to collect when your child becomes seven. At Elim Community Church we want to do what we can to help you to teach your child to love God’s Word. In this way your children can build a solid foundation based upon truth.  Psalm 119:11 says “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”


We need to help our children understand that worship involves much more than attending a weekend service. Worship is both an action and an attitude. Scripture says that true worship begins in the heart of the believer (John 4:23). Make it a priority to help your child discover real worship: collect this pack when your child turns eight. This video is part of the pack.

Giving and Serving

When your child turns nine it is a great time to begin to talk with them about giving and serving. God blesses and entrusts each of us with gifts, talents and resources.  This video is in a collectable pack that will help you as a parent look for opportunities to teach your child to be a good steward of these blessings from God.

Preparing for Adolescence

The best way to prepare your child for the changes and challenges of adolescence is to be prepared yourself and so set the stage for your child. This video is part of a free pack that will help your child prepare for coming changes in a proactive and positive way. Enjoy the video and if your child has reached the age of eleven make sure that you collect your pack.


Purity is much more than refraining from sex or heeding a list of don’ts.  It is a positive, passionate existence that frees us to experience all God made us to enjoy.  Sadly, our culture bombards our children with opportunities to tarnish their lives, even making fun of those who try to remain clean.  How do we help our children go against the norm and live a life filled with the intense joys only purity can bring? To help you in this time, we would like to give you this pack when your child turns thirteen.

Rite of Passage

A Rite of Passage is a special event signifying a transition from one stage to another.  This is an ideal time to affirm and help your child anticipate and prepare to accept God’s plan for the future. When your child turns sixteen collect this pack and use it to help you to challenge your teen to leave behind the world of childhood and invite them into the ranks of emerging adulthood.


We’ve all heard the phrase “failure to launch” describing young men and women who don’t make the transition into responsible adulthood. Unfortunately, many parents inadvertently keep their children from growing up due to overprotection and lack of intentionality. Whether your son or daughter is going off to university or college, joining the military or entering the workforce, how can you be intentional about successfully launching them into a God-honouring life? When your child becomes eighteen, collect the Launch Pack that includes this video.

Salvation and Baptism

There is nothing more exciting for a parent than guiding a child to faith.  Once your child has accepted Christ as his or her personal Lord and Saviour it is time to help them tell others about that decision through baptism. This video can be watched here on our website and is in  the free pack that is available for you to collect.

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