Core values

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The guiding principles that express the way we fulfil our mission, & that govern our decisions, behaviour and relationships.

We will seek to build a "GREAT" church by developing leaders who model and encourage among our members:

Growth in discipleship each day by Bible application and dependence on the Holy Spirit
Relationships that are characterised by openness, honesty, joy, and generosity
Evangelism as a lifestyle through networks of friendships
Accountability through love, encouragement and sensitively challenging one another
Training to serve God and our community according to our gifts and to the best of our ability

Building Community as we encourage one another to be passionate for Christ.
"We'll be a network of friends, not just meeting-attenders, because we recognise we're 'Better Together'. We'll accept people for who they are not just what they do. As individuals, groups and a whole body - we will be a fluid army - flowing together and lighting up our City."

Growing in Christ-likeness as we train and develop wholehearted disciples.
"We'll be a body of people who are equipped and trained to serve Christ sacrificially in the world, taking initiatives, not simply responding to obvious needs. Each of us will be given the tools to be disciples in our daily life and work, reaching out to people with Christ's love. We will expect to see individuals whom we meet and serve miraculously transformed by the power of the gospel."

Reaching lost people through our everyday relationships on our "frontline" as well as through cutting edge social and evangelistic activities.
"We'll be focussed on a small number of sustainable ministries, not duplicating what others are doing, but partnering with those of like-mind, both locally and overseas. We will share our evangelistic message by reaching out to people and meeting their needs, rather than expecting them to come to us."


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Offices: 14 Spencer Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 1BG

Church: St Paul's Church, St Paul's Square, Carlisle (Postcode for SatNav CA1 1AE)