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Discipleship - Nurturing - Accountability


What are DNA partnerships?

Groups of 2 or 3 believers (of the same gender) meeting together with the common aim of growing to become more Christ-like. The partnerships will meet once a month for 1-2 hours with a specific focus. We are aware that adding a new structure into an already busy schedule can be difficult. We are therefore closing cell groups once a month to relieve some of this time pressure. The partnerships can meet anytime, not just on cell group nights. Married couples can meet at different times so nobody misses out. There is no leader in the partnership but each individual comes to learn, grow and to share in struggles and victories.

Why have DNA partnerships as well as cell groups?

Looking at the example of Jesus, he not only met with the 12 apostles but also in a smaller group with Peter, James and John. Smaller groups allow for greater openness and accountability. These are groups where individuals can “do life” together.

Who should I meet with?

Meet with individuals that you are happy to be open and honest with. The relationships will deepen over time. Consider the following questions: Who will help you grow as a disciple? Who can you encourage in their Spiritual walk?

What resources will be available?

See the Recommended Resource list above. It includes a selection of books, DVDs, mobile phone apps that will be helpful on various subjects.

Our Aims for every Disciple

  • Attending on Sundays
  • Involved in cell group
  • Ministering in the body and in the world
  • Serving to disciple/encourage others in DNA partnerships

What is their purpose?

To meeting for discipleship, nurturing and accountability so that we may encourage one another to grow more Christ-like.

When and how often should we meet?

The partnerships meet the week following the first Sunday of the month. Our regular cell groups will be cancelled these weeks. You can meet anytime that is convenient that week, not just at your usual cell group time. We are asking people to try to commit to meeting 10 -12 times over the next year and we will reassess them next Summer.

What about the first time we meet

You can meet anywhere you would like (home, coffee shop, pub…). The first session (the week following Sunday 6th October) will give an opportunity to get to know one another better, to assess where feel like you are struggling spiritually and discuss which resources will be most appropriate for you at the present time. A discipleship self-assessment tool has been included in the DNA pack to be filled in prior to your first meeting if possible. Keep this safely as we will use this again in the future to measure spiritual growth.

What about future meetings?

We encourage Partners to meet for around 1-1.5 hours. Our recommendation is:

  • 10 minutes in general discussion and introduction
  • 40 minutes discussing your chosen material
  • 10 minutes of prayer to finish.

What you get out of the partnerships will depend on what you put into them. For the groups to work, individuals must complete the required reading, watching or listening before the meeting. There are no designated leaders in the group which will give an opportunity for each member of the partnership to facilitate a meeting.

When discussing material it is good to think about the following questions:

  • What is God saying to me through this?
  • What am I going to do about it?
  • Who am I going to share it with?

How do we get the materials and resources?

A selection of resources is listed in this DNA partnership pack. If you are unable to source the material speak to Christine Orr. Many of the books are available second hand on Amazon or eBay for a couple of pounds. Most of the videos will require access to YouTube and the apps will require a smartphone, tablet or iPad. If cost is a problem for a resource you want to use, talk with us, as we may be able to loan you materials.

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