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Date posted: 24/11/2019

From time to time, people in our Church are approached by visitors or others associated with us, and asked to give money. While not wanting to discourage generosity and concern, this can cause problems and also not really help the individuals concerned.

If they are associated with our Debt Centre, borrowing money breaks their contract with CAP (Christians Against Poverty) and we are therefore limited in the help and support we can give.  It is always wise to check with myself or Jill Wheatley before giving or loaning money.  If they approach you for money and you give it to them, they will probably also approach others who may not actually be in a better financial position that the person requesting money, and who may feel obliged to help, or simply be embarrassed unnecessarily.

We do provide pastoral care funds to help people where appropriate from the church.  We are generally much happier to give food – and individuals should be directed to the Church Office during working hours or in an emergency to myself (07775 666869).

Money can be given anonymously as a gift to others in the fellowship by placing it in the offering box in an envelope with the person’s name and a short note on it.  Alternatively, this can be discussed with Jane Wood or the Church Office.

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