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What is a Cell Group?

They are a small group of people who seek to live out and apply all the basic functions of the Church. As a cell in the body carries out all the basic bodily processes, so a small group of this nature performs all the basic functions of the Church, the Body of Christ.

Our groups meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in homes around the area and on Tuesday lunchtime at St Paul's Church. They follow the C5 format described below and have a "NET" approach to evangelism (Network Evangelism Together).

C1 - Connect with each other through personal sharing and prayer

C2 - Connect with God through a time of praise and a specific time to wait and be open to spiritual gifts

C3 - Connect with the World through vision casting and leadership direction

C4 - Connect with the wider fellowship by sharing concerns within the congregation

C5 - Connect with the Bible to discuss and practically outwork the Sunday teaching

How to join a Cell Group

This can be done by speaking with Alan or by talking with a Zone Supervisor who give support and direction to a number of groups & Leaders. If you are transferring from another Church, we will normally want to discuss our vision and values with you, before involving you in a group.

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